Life Updates

Recently, I changed my job. I accepted the job offer as Transit Planner I at Connetics Transportation Group, Atlanta office. This is definitely a big change for me because I have always been interested in working in transportation planning. Before and after starting at CTG, I got asked the same question by several people: “Oh, I never know you’re interested in transportation planning!” Oh well, you never know someone is interested in something until they tell you.

One fun story: two weeks ago before I started at CTG, I traveled to Dallas with Nathan. We traveled using walking and transit only within the city. One day, we could have purchased the half-day transit pass (3 dollars) but we ended up buying a whole-day pass (6 dollars). Then I said, maybe this purchase will support my future job. Surprisingly, this is true! I started working on a transit project in Dallas two week later!

I am definitely super excited about this life change! Looking forward to improving transit as much as I can!