Simple Shiny App: Stardew Valley Bundle Query Tool

Recently I’ve been learning how to create Shiny apps, and the following is a simple app I created to query Stardew Valley bundle information by season and bundle. I found the original data here.

I did some formatting work of the spreadsheet and imported into R, tested around and made my first Shiny app. I learned a lot from this post. The display of the app embedded on my website is not great. The link to the app is here.

One fun fact when making the app:

I was trying to make Shiny display the whole table when no season and bundle are selected. Therefore, I tried to use is.null function. When I launched the app, the table will show up for 0.01 second and disappear. Afterwards, Nathan helped me find that the empty input is actually “”. Therefore, I changed the structure to something similar to if(input$StadewSeasons=="").

Overall, it’s a pretty interesting experience for me!