I Help Built My Friend's Markdown Website

My friend Elise, Ph.D. Candidate of Georgia Tech studying sociology focusing on the relationship between technology and health, was trying to build her portfolio and archiving her professional articles. Therefore, she needed a website. I recommended building a static website using the blogdown package (since she already had some experience with R), deploying with Netlify, and eventually linking it to the domain name she had already purchased for years from another domain service site.

I reviewed with her about her needs and expectations, and picked the Hugo theme “xmin” for her. This theme is a minimal theme with simple and clear layouts. Then, I installed everything on her computer and built the front page and about page. Then, I taught her the whole process of writing in Markdown, creating new post, pushing updates to Github using Github Desktop, and other basic website editing methods.

Now, her website is up and running, showcase her academic and professional achievements. I am very happy for her that she finally built her own formal evidence of existence in this internet world.

Here is the link to her website in case you’re curious!